Tax Advice

Ken Koenen, LLM

We want you to be completely aware of your legal and tax rights and obligations in the process of a 1031 exchange. That is why we have teamed up with Ken Koenen, LLM, and the Law Office of Ken Koenen, who counsel with you regarding your exchange.

Ken Koenen is a tax attorney licensed in the states of Arizona and California, and currently practicing in Peoria, Arizona. His areas of practice include Tax Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Mediation and Business Law. His emphasis is on small business taxation, real estate taxation, investment issues, self-directed IRA’s and 1031 exchanges. He also provides tax preparation services for select taxpayers, both individual and business.

Ken became licensed to practice law in June of 2001 and obtained an LLM-Taxation Degree (Master’s in Tax Law) in 2004. Having been involved in the real estate industry, he maintained his ties to the real estate and business communities by providing numerous educational seminars on various law, taxation and real estate related topics. One of his favorites is his “Tax Strategies for Realtors®”, in which he teaches how small business owners and real estate agents can save thousands of dollars on their taxes.

He has written a new book to provide a comprehensive guide to show self employed individuals how save on their taxes. The new book, “The Tax Bible” provides more detailed information than his previous tax books, “The 2016 Business Tax Guide, Diary and Journal” and “The 2016 Realtor’s® Tax Guide, Diary and Journal.” The first is a general guide, while the second is directed more to the real estate community.

You may call him directly at 623-888-6340 and indicate that you were referred from American 1031 Exchange, LLC, or call us and we can arrange an appointment for you.